Mallory Stevens cares deeply about how individuals and groups communicate with one another — and about the tremendous benefits of mediation, conflict resolution skills and alternative dispute resolution methodologies and resources.


Ms. Stevens holds an M.S. degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University and a B.A. in Spanish (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Hofstra University. She received her mediation certification from the New York Peace Institute and is on the mediator roster of the American Arbitration Association. In her spare time, she is a volunteer community and NY civil court mediator for the New York Peace Institute. She mediates in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has capacities in four additional languages.


Ms. Stevens has taught a course in The Sociology of Conflict and Dispute Resolution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York) and, previously, enjoyed a successful financial services career as an international banker (specializing in Latin America) She is also former senior vice president and head of corporate communications at IDB Bank.





Whether you’re planning to divorce or are dealing with a commercial or other type of dispute, mediation is a highly effective alternative to costly, long, drawn-out litigation. It saves time, money and prolonged stress. The beauty of it is that it empowers parties to explore creative options for resolution and settle their dispute on their own terms rather than face the uncertain outcome of a court’s decision. Also, particularly in commercial scenarios, it can help mitigate business and reputational risks, as well as relationships strained by conflict.


Mediation’s a voluntary, confidential and informal process that helps parties in conflict move past their positions and reach a mutually acceptable solution.  A mediator is a third-party neutral who doesn’t act as the decision-maker or problem-solver. Mediation sessions are held jointly with both parties, though caucuses (separate conversations) can be held as necessary. Settlements are written up by an attorney and are legally binding.



As a divorce mediator, Mallory Stevens demonstrates patience and understanding as she helps you and your spouse/partner settle important differences you may have pertaining to parenting and child support (when children are involved), distribution of marital assets, spousal support and other matters. Once a formal agreement is drawn up and signed, it is submitted to the court for adjudication by a judge.



Mallory Stevens helps facilitate a confidential conversation between you and one or more parties with whom you or your business are involved in a conflict and have been unable to negotiate a settlement on your own. Ms. Stevens mediates disputes such as those involving: Breach of Contract, Small Businesses, Partnerships, Employee-Employer, Co-workers, Harassment, Tenant-Landlord, Co-ops, Condos, Property Damage, Security Deposits, Noisy Neighbors, Discrimination, Consumer-Vendor.


Everyone wants to feel heard, and, particularly in conflict – when emotions are often inflamed – it’s easy for understanding to be compromised and agreement difficult. Mediation can remedy that.


“Mallory is skilled in helping disputants to understand one another’s respective positions and she articulates and clarifies complex situations which lets the parties know they have been heard. Her ability to listen attentively and communicate clearly promotes an environment of trust and safety… [Also, her] ability to remain objective and calm throughout the mediation process encourages movement towards a discussion of options for settlement.”




Using various conflict resolution methods, Mallory Stevens can assist individuals, employees and businesses alike with conflict coaching; negotiating skills; effective communication skills; dispute analysis, clarification of issues, needs and interests; perspective-gaining; understanding conflict styles and strategies (benefits/risks of styles in different situations) and problem-solving.


Are you losing sleep because of an aggressive boss or co-worker?


Does avoiding conflict get in the way of getting your needs met?


Do you feel colleagues don’t take your ideas seriously?


Do you have difficulty negotiating for your own raise or promotion?


Please contact Mallory Stevens to see how she can help you with conflicts that may be causing you problems.


Conflict’s a part of life, but it doesn’t need to drain the life out of you.

“Working with Mallory Stevens has been a life-changing event. Mallory is compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough. Through her sensitive and warmhearted demeanor, Mallory approached our conflict with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. The outcome… was one that would not have been achieved without her collaboration and has created a fruitful relationship going forward between both parties.”



(on contract basis)


Mallory Stevens can provide Organizational Ombuds Services (aka ombudsman) for your company on a contract basis. Another alternative dispute resolution resource, an ombuds (or ombuds office, in the case of a full-time, in-house ombuds) complements, not replaces, formal grievance channels within an organization. An ombuds is a senior-level professional, skilled in conflict resolution techniques, where employees (all statuses) who may not be comfortable or ready to pursue formal grievance channels can confidentially address issues of concern and safely explore possible options for resolution. As an ombuds, Ms. Stevens also provides conflict coaching and training in conflict resolution skills (including, for example, effective communication).


Additionally, an ombuds also provides support for identifying and resolving an organization’s compliance- and ethically-related issues (while taking care to protect the identity and confidentiality of the employees) ; serves as an early-warning system, where potentially serious problems may be addressed before they have the opportunity to become costly – in terms of money, time, reputation, profitability, turnover and emotional and physical health; and is uniquely positioned to identify patterns and trends within the organization and recommend positive changes to prevent issues from recurring.


An ombuds is an essential component of a fully integrated conflict management system.  Please contact Mallory Stevens to see how she can help you maximize your organization’s ability to manage conflict.


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